Who is Grant Leingang?


Grant Leingang is a 26-year-old American Designer, Producer, Entrepreneur and President/CEO of BLVCK DIVMOND & BLVCK.

Born and raised in Lafayette, IN – he attended Lafayette Jefferson High School from 14-18 years old and was in advanced arts, starting at age 5, throughout his life. Grant’s primary focus is Art, Programming, Education, and helping Economic Development for Large and Small Cities. At age 24, Grant was accepted into Harvard Universities Entrepreneurship Program & Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Grant’s main art style takes a new perspective on Minimal Abstraction. He uses a combination of Symmetrical Geometric Designs implemented with accents of Urban Graffiti & Typography. Grant uses heavy contrast to display emotion, character, and simplifying that chaos can be beautiful in the eye of the beholder.

“The beauty of my work stands in its existence. We take thing’s that shouldn’t be, and make them be – because we can.”

– Grant Michael Leingang

who is grant leingang

grant leingang